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[Jul. 18th, 2005|11:02 pm]
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Name: Emily
Age: 15
Location: New York, USEF Zone 2
Equestrian experience: 13 years of riding, 11 of showing, 3 of those on the A-circuit
Current mounts: [give age, name, division, and breed] Seize The Moment, 10 y/o Thoroughbred mare showing in the small junior hunter 15/u
Favorite food: pasta
Favorite TV show: CSI: Las Vegas
Accomplishments: Top 22 model and hack 2004 pony finals, 10th zone 2 large green pony hunters, best child rider on a pony at Fieldstone Farm Seacoast Classic (A show), 4th CHJA Pony Medal Finals, reserve champion large pony hunters at Mystic Summer Festival, 2nd USEF Hunt Seat Medal (3'6'') on a catchride, reserve champion Vermont Summer Festival, grand circuit reserve champion junior hunters VSF
Previous Mounts: Pendleton Sly Fox (large pony hunters), Pendleton Summer Duck (walk-trot through children's)
Saddle: CWD
Helmet: GPA for showing, International for schooling.
Favorite Horse Show: Pony finals, Vermont
Why Should We Accept You? I update a lot and I am very dedicated to my riding as a whole, not just showing and getting points or awards..I really care about my ponies and how they are living and I think I could contribute a lot!
Anything else you'd like us to know? Going along with my photography thing that has been down here, I work for JL Parker at shows where we both are and I otherwise freelance. My website is www.seizethemomentonline.net