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application [Mar. 10th, 2005|10:52 pm]
VIP Equestrians




Name: Ashley
Age: 17
Location: Cranberry Twp, PA. Previously lived near Toledo, OH and rode in Temperance, MI and Ottawa Lake, MI.
Equestrian experience: I've been riding for over 10 years now and my main background is in hunter jumper. I've also become familiar with show jumping, cross country [a little bit], western styles of riding, and dressage. I also know a little bit on training and I always work with the "trouble" horses.
Current mounts: [give age, name, division, and breed]

1. Spice It Up [Spice]; 7 years; Low Intermediates and Intermediates, Special Hunter, Childrens Hunters, Eq. over fences, Eq. on the flat; Paint Gelding
2. Get a lil Rowdy [Rowdy]; 5 years; Hopeful Jumpers, Training Jumper, Schooling Jumper, and Intermediate Hunter; Paint Mare
3. Addicting Jinx - still pending name [AJ]; 10 years; Low Very Green Hunter [for warmups],Hopeful Jumper, Training Jumper, Beginner Jumper; Morgan Pony X

Favorite food: Definantly have to say sherbert. I know its not a real food, but i could eat it everyday!
Favorite TV show: I'm always at the barn or working to save money..so I don't watch a whole lot of T.V...but I love Summerland.
Accomplishments: Probably with the current three I'm working with. Everyone at my barn tells me non stop how much of a changed horse Spice is. He's braver now that I've worked with him and he's not as sour..he's alot more puppy doggish. And he works really well with me. And with Rowdy, she still has a long ways to go to get over her bucking but I was the only person to jump her 3'6" and it was my first time too..so that was kinda cool. And I was the first person to jump Aj, they thought he was just a trail horse... Or the last show I did 4 years ago before I quit..it was just a small show but I got a 1st place in my hunter class. It was the best moment ever!
Previous Mounts: Tons of different school horses. I've ridden over 100 horses [i added it all up the other night actually!]..and I've helped work with other horses too. But thats it.
Saddle: 17" Wintec All Purpose 2000
Helmet: Oh gosh it's so old I'm not sure! It's approved though..I know that..haha
Favorite Horse Show: The first one I was in this past year [after 4 years of not showing!]..it was absolutly awful my horse acted up and I had to switch to a school horse for the rest of my classes...but it was my favorite because i learned alot from it and i was able to do it without breaking down a whole lot..and the horse really pulled through for me, she jumped everything even though she'd never seen it before. OR the Triple M shows in Saxonburg. LOVE THOSE!
Why Should We Accept You?: well i think its still auto accept but im a big horse girl and my life is devoted to horses...so id love to be accepted and id always have pictures!
Anything else you'd like us to know?: im getting a foal so i can extend my training experiance to youngsters. he's a paint colt, not even a year yet. im going to have my hands full :-)